Information on the New Strain of Dog Flu

You may have heard about the recent outbreak of a new type of “dog flu” affecting pets across the country. This highly contagious and, for some dogs, potentially serious respiratory infection is caused by canine influenza virus H3N2 and H3N8, also known as CIV H3N2 and CIV H3N8.

Chances are, if your dog is exposed to CIV H3N2, he or she may become infected. Dogs that are frequently in contact with other dogs may be at high risk of infection with CIV H3N2. This includes dogs that are boarded, groomed or enrolled in daycare, or often visit the local dog park. If you have a puppy, elderly or pregnant dog or a dog that is immunoccompromised, you should take extra precautions.

The good news is that our office now has a vaccine available to help control disease associated with CIV H3N2. We also have a vaccine, Vanguard CIV, that has been available for several years for another type of canine influenza, CIV H3N8, which is also capable of causing severe respiratory disease in dogs. Vaccination against both types of CIV (H3N2 and H3N8) helps to ensure maximum protection.

Please call our office to discuss your dog’s risk for CIV (H3N2 and H3N8). This is particularly important if you plan to board your dog in the near future or regularly send him or her to a grooming or daycare facility. We’ll answer all your questions about dog flu and help you decide which vaccination is right for your pet. You can also visit for more information.